As PASS is a charity, it requires trustees to oversee the running of the organisation. They are all university students or graduates who have a vested interest in the mental health of young people. Here is a short piece about each of them from the trustees themselves, so you can get to know themRead More
Be Happy. Be positive. Chin up. Don’t worry. These are all too familiar words. They’re often said with the best intentions, but are perhaps are a sign of ignorance. When someone talks to you about their mental wellbeing, it’s very easy to fall into the must-fix-you trap, and for some reason, phrases like “just beRead More
Last week we opened up our social media to invite you to share your thoughts, advice and questions about leaving university to be featured and answered here on our blog. We had a particularly brave, anonymous question that touched on a lot of things many people will be feeling – from worrying about leaving theRead More
Christmas – ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, right? We typically associate Christmas with happiness – spending time with family, eating all the turkey in the world and giving and receiving great presents. But the reality for many is very different – and the pressure to have a good time can be overbearing. YouRead More
Caring is something we’re all used to doing. Whether it be looking out for our friends and family, a partner, or even a colleague at work, all of us engage in caring behaviour on a daily basis, whether we realise it or not. But why is it that we so often fail to look outRead More
Instagram has become the latest social media platform to launch a reporting tool for concerning posts. The platform has followed Facebook’s lead in allowing users to pick up on concerning posts and send anonymous reports to Instagram, who will then contact the individual who posted the content. If a user’s content has been reported, theyRead More
by Amy Leverton During the first week of University it can be very easy to get wrapped up in joining new societies, going out every night of the week, and spending time with newfound friends. However once this excitement has worn off and you’ve suddenly got five assignments due in, an empty fridge, and aRead More
by Katie Stevens Good mental health is something that I have struggled with for years, but unlike my physical illness, why when I work in the world of healthcare am I so reluctant to admit this? I have worked in hospitals and health care settings in some manner for the best part of five years,Read More
We spoke to the team at the Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust to find out about a vital support service for improving mental health in the Hillingdon area – Talking Therapies. What kinds of talking therapies does CNWL offer? You may see the CNWL logo all over Hillingdon – the Trust providesRead More
by Alex Eagles The tricky thing about trying to overcome depression (besides the crippling apathy of course) is that what works for one person may not work for another. The human brain is a complex, mysterious and very squishy computer that we don’t have a user manual for yet, so there’s always going to beRead More
Here at PASS we can support you in making decisions about your mental health. At this time we don’t have a helpline and can’t provide out of hours support – which is why we want you to be aware of the following organisations. If you have seriously harmed yourself, are close to acting on suicidalRead More