We can help you. 

It’s okay if you don’t know where to get help when you think your mental wellbeing is suffering. For many people it is unexpected and difficult to talk about, but it doesn’t have to be that way. At PASS, our advocates are student volunteers who have had their own experiences of mental illness, so they understand the way that you’re feeling. You can talk to them openly about your concerns, and they will help to find the best options for your care.

Because we’re an instructed peer advocacy service, we’ll never do something unless you ask us to, so you will always be in control. Our advocates can provide a range of services, including signposting and referrals to local services so that you know where to go to get support, and providing reliable sources of information about a range of mental health disorders, treatments, and other wellbeing-related topics, so that you can make informed decisions about your care. They can also attend wellbeing-related appointments with you if you don’t want to go alone.

To find out more, please visit our FAQs page.